Номад Енерджи Къмпани - Търговия с електрическа енергия 2021

Nomad Energy Company LTD is a Bulgarian company established in 2019, operating in the energy sector. The company has Electricity Trading License No. Л-522 of 24 June 2020, covering the rights and obligations of a coordinator of a standard and a combined balancing groups, issued by the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission for a validity period of 10 years, allowing it to make deliveries to end customers and execute deals with other traders and producers.
Nomad Energy Company LTD has actively participated in the electricity market in Bulgaria since September 2020 and is making efforts to establish long-term partnerships with stock exchanges, brokerage platforms and companies in Bulgaria and the region – Serbia, Hungary, Greece, Romania, Macedonia and Germany.

Sale of energy

Selling electricity at freely negotiated prices and bearing all balancing costs


Analysis and forecasting

Analyzing, forecasting and balancing the consumption of companies and businesses

Process administration

Administering the process related to entering the liberalized electricity market in Bulgaria